My Shocking Find About Hair Growth Remedies!


I haven’t posted in quite a while; I’ve been really busy building a space ship that I intend to sell to NASA now that the shuttle fleet is done.

When I started that project, I seriously underestimated the number of discarded aluminum cans this was going to take. Consequently, I spending a lot of time dumpster diving to gather cans.

This is going to be one colorful space ship.

I have only stopped long enough to make this post because of an absolutely shocking revelation about effective hair growth remedies that I have just uncovered.

I’ve studied and tried many different hair growth remedies – minoxidil, rogaine, laser combs, learning Spanish; and many of the other conventionally accepted “effective” treatments.

I’ve tried using steel wool to “open up” the folicles; as many people claim to have had great success with that method; but I found in lacking – and painful.

But a week and a half ago; I think I truly found the answer to this age old problem that affects pretty much every male of every race; except for Hispanics; they are immune.

Maybe we need to look at creating an Hispanic extract that can be applied, injected or ingested and see if that will work? I already eat a lot of Mexican food – but back to my revelation.

A couple of weeks ago; I was going through my normal morning ritual of “getting ready for the day” – got out of bed; brushed my teeth; had a gin and tonic – and then shaved and took a shower.

Little did I know that my life was about to change forever; as will the lives of everyone else who is challenged to grow hair.

I stepped out and dried off; and this is when I had a sudden realization: I grabbed my underarm deodorant; raised my left arm; and suddenly it struck me, MY UNDERARMS ARE FULL OF HAIR!!!

I held up that Mitchum deodorant and looked at it in disbelief – I realized that I held in my hand the secret to curing hair loss.

Immediately; I applied Mitchum to my scalp; and I’ve been doing it several times a day since.

I carry some in my pocket and apply it whenever I have a chance; like when I’m waiting for my turn to speak in a meeting; or even while having a drink at the pub; even while driving.

I think it HAS to be working; because people seem to be taking notice; people who never even looked at me before are looking and smiling; sometimes even laughing; and people who have known me for years are certainly looking at me a little differently; shaking their heads in disbelief that I have made this great discovery instead of some famous rocket surgeon.

When I notice this, I just laugh hysterically and say, “Well, I’m not a rocket surgeon; but I AM building a space ship.”

I’ll report back when I have additional results.

I’ve been doing this daily for almost two weeks now; I can tell it’s working because I can clearly see that my hair is longer that when I started this new therapy.

Email And Hair Loss – The USPS Gets It’s Due

I Am The Che Of Emails!

 Che was a muderous bastard


I was aked the other day if all English people speak or sound alike. 

Can’t know – I haven’t heard ALL of them speak. 

And, I just can’t get past the fact that they all look alike. 

Parts of Canada are actually in France, some lawyers are politicians and in nature, you rarely see extremely rare creatures; which makes them very rare. 


I love a rare steak – just get it close to the coals for a couple of minutes on each side, and it is done. 

Got a new phone today; one of those “androids”. My phone is now officially smarter than me, and much of humankind. 

I now face the world armed with a PC, a laptop, an android, two digital cameras, a kindle and a web cam; as well as various pairs of shoes, pants and shirts. 

I’m sitting in my temporary “new place” and logging into this blog via my desktop PC sitting 160 miles away, using either my laptop or my phone. 

Aint technology grand? 

Yet a couple of hours ago, I put postage stamps on three letters, drove to the post office and mailed them. 

That crap can’t last much longer unless the gov’t somehow figures out to let all US email be routed through post office servers. 

Emails will be opened by crooked or nosy PO personnel, and any attachments of value will be stripped out or compromised, lazy PO personnel will just delete vast numbers of emails so that they won’t have to process them, email delivery will go from a matter of seconds to a matter of 3 to 5 working days for First Class emails, and 7 to 11 days for Standard Class emails, Bound Printed Matter and Parcel Post emails might take weeks to be delivered. 

You never know what you’re gonna get in terms of your email letter carrier either. 

Some days he\she might be in a good mood, smiling and joking around with you, petting your dog; as he\she walks down your street, putting emails into your email box. Other days, he\she might be pissed off because the significant other was caught after 3 years of screwing around with one of the other email letter carriers, as PO people do; and be mindlessly grumbling whilst planning a shooting spree back at the good old PO, putting your emails into the neighbors email box, and theirs into yours; and in some cases, driving carelessly through your neighborhood with their windows down; emails flying unoticed out the back window, blown by the wind for blocks; never to be delivered to the intended recipients; possibly picked up – along with the attachments – by people who gehen zu fuss; and maybe even misappropriated; or if sent to some Latin American countries, be gathered up to be used as digital toilet paper. 

Entire industries will spring up based upon recycling read, discarded or lost emails. 

Massive flash drives will be built to store these waste emails whilst enroute to the huge facilities the govt will build to ensure proper disposal of these waste emails. 

Superfunds will be created against the possibility that waste email containers could rupture before the passage of the 500 years after deletion or disposal deemed necessary to render waste emails safe, and not a threat to ground water or the environment in total. 

All of these facts, of course, mean that the cost of sending emails will double, triple or even quadruple, over current costs, even while the delvery rates, open rates and read rates plummet. 

I suggest that you contact your local officials, your State officials and your national representatives; and The Bureau of Indian Affairs; and express your concerns just as I have worded mine here. 

I’m sure you’ll get some consideration.

Best Hair Growth Remedies – On Topic For A Change

If you notice, there is a link near the top right of the page that says; Visit The Hair Restoration Store.

This link will take you off site to an online store where you can look over all sorts of hair restoration products- pretty much everything you can imagine.

I have all of the best treatments and products for stopping and reversing hair loss available; but if you are interested in a particular product and don’t see it, just drop me a note at:

Send me an e-mail and I will try to find it for you.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit this site, and I hope you’ll stop by The Hair Restoration Store as well.

Best Hair Growth Remedies – The Vagabond Hair

Darkness was approaching quickly, bearing down upon us like a locomotive, wheezing and huffing, huffing and wheezing, occasionally coughing; yet drawing ever closer by the hour.

“It will be dark soon”, my associate remarked. “Bloody genius”, I thought out loud; drawing laughter from the unwashed masses and a wry smile from the idiot who was my associate.

In the next county, a gentle, wet rain fell uncharacteristically downward; as it does in that county; adding it’s ingredients to a large, rolling water-filled lake.

Upon the lake, fishermen with and without boats were engaging in the business of fishing, on or in the lake. There has been great debate through the years as to which method – on or in the lake – is most fruitful, but it is agreed that either practice will produce more fish than fruit, except in the cooler months, when the fish; full to the brim with fruit; decline the offerings of the men on or in the lake, and take their leave for a time, maybe visiting relatives or maybe traveling to the neighboring counties or maybe bartering fish for Euro passes and getting around by rail, except for those who can afford to fly, and except for those who prefer to go by foot.

Like vagabonds, we wander, hair lines receding like the distant hot and shiny sun sinking beneath the horizon, swallowed by the expanding darkness.

Best hair growth remedies – It’s not the end of the world!

If you are balding or losing some hair; it’s not the end of the world or the end of life as you know it; not if you’re a guy; that is.

Plenty of guys accept the loss of hair as a natural condition, just like being short or tall; thin or not so thin. Sure, some guys don’t deal with it so well; and that is just fine; but it really isn’t all that serious.

Some men actually think that a receding hair line adds character to their looks, others just don’t really care: “This is who I am; like it or not” seems to be their attitude.

The whole point of this post is that you are you; and you should act upon what is important to you.

If you have a receding hair line and you are O.K. with that; then experiment with some hair styles that compliment your hair line – most balding guys prefer very short hair; which has the advantage of being almost “maintenance free” – just wash it; step out of the shower and go – you don’t even need a hair brush!

If you are not comfortable with a receding hair line; that is O.K. too – just be you.

I encourage you to start looking at and trying some of the hair growth remedies that are available today. Read some of the other posts on my blog to get some good hair care tips; do a web search too. There is a real wealth of information right at your finger tips.

If you want to check out some truly effective hair growth remedies in order to stop your continued hair loss; and to re-grow some of you lost hair; then you really owe it to yourself to check out the link below. You can (and should) take the first step toward stopping your hair loss today.

You really should click here now to get started – you owe it to your self to do it now.

Best hair growth remedies – Preventing hair loss

Preventing Hair Loss: I Don’t Count the Hairs Anymore.

Make no mistake about it. Some hair loss is not preventable.

Every one of us loses 100-150 hairs a day in the natural cycle of hair growth and death. It is normal and should not be cause for concern.

Further, larger amounts of hair loss can occur at specific times in life – illness, surgery, pregnancy, life-changing events, anxiety and stress, and certain diseases.

Again, these are treatable and, in most cases, temporary.

More-than-normal hair loss can be prevented in several ways:

1. Keep your body healthy. Body health translates into scalp health and allows follicles to continue to produce hair to replace that which is lost. Good diet and exercise, to increase blood circulation are really important.

2. Stop injuring your hair: Harsh shampoos and coloring/treatment products, used in excess, will kill your hair. Your follicles cannot replace hair as fast as it is falling out when your hair is severely damaged. Likewise, use dry heat as little as possible – blow dryers and curling irons dry out and crack hair, causing it to break off in more than normal amounts.

3. Find ways to reduce stress and anxiety in your life. If you over-react to stressful situations, lose sleep, feel sorry constantly, then you are on the road to more health concerns than just loss of hair. But make no mistake about it; your hair will fall out in greater amounts.

4. Use topical treatments for your scalp. Essential oils and combinations of herbs can be very helpful in keeping follicles open and productive.

5. Use medical products developed by a variety of pharmaceutical companies, both in lotion and pill form.

6. Start early. As soon as you experience hair loss that has been confirmed not to be a result of another health condition, begin your investigation of the wide variety of treatments available. You will have to experiment and you will have to be patient. Many products require 3-6 months before you see visible results

7. Don’t give up. Use the product that works best for you right now, and look for new advances in the area of hair loss. Medical research is “on this,” in a big way, and lots of money is being poured into the search for a permanent, universally effective treatment.

8. If no prevention treatments have the effect you desire, consider wigs, hair pieces, extensions or even hair transplantation.

Worry and distress over hair loss is not worth your time and effort, especially if it begins to affect your mood, your social life, and your general emotional well-being.

Best hair growth remedies – The causes of hair loss in women.

Causes of Hair Loss in Women: Help! I Don’t Have to Tear My Hair Out Anymore – It’s All Over My Sink!

We lose hair everyday, 100-150 strands actually, simply from brushing and manipulating. If you have long hair, this can look like a lot, but, considering the amount of hair on a head, it’s a tiny amount.

If hair is coming out in clumps, or you notice circular patches of balding spots, however, there is definitely a problem, and treatment will be based upon the specific cause.

The following causes should be investigated if you are experiencing more-than-normal hair loss:

1. Diet: An unbalanced diet, especially one without enough protein, can cause temporary hair loss. Women who are anemic often experience loss.

2. Menopause: Because of the change in hormones during this period, hair loss can escalate, and, unfortunately, this can be permanent.

3. Frequent Shampooing: Shampoos contain a lathering ingredient called surfactant. This can be irritating to the scalp and cause itching and scratching, thus increased hair loss

4. Improper Care:  If you manipulate your hair too much, color and treat too much, blow dry and heat with curling irons and hot rollers too much, you will see increased hair loss. You need only to look at your bathroom floor, sink and countertops to notice this. Slow down!

5. Psychological/Physiological Stress: Increased hair loss can occur with pregnancies, major surgery, or a major life event, such as a death or divorce.  These causes are temporary and hair growth will return to normal eventually.

6. Heredity: Heredity plays a part and comes from both sides of the family.

7. Other Health Conditions: Thyroid problems, lupus, and diabetes can accelerate hair loss. Obviously, these need to be diagnosed by a physician.

8. Alopecia Areata: This is an autoimmune condition characterized by circular patches of baldness. Basically, the body is attacking the hair follicles.  Cortisone shots in the affected areas are required, and the earlier the better. Take heart, there’s a lot of research going on which may soon resolve most of the causes of hair loss in women. However, there is a great product that has been proven effective. It is called Provillus.

Provillus is an oral supplement, which works to block DHT, a form of testosterone that is responsible for 95 percent of hair loss. It also works to stimulate the scalp and bring dead follicles back to life. You can use Provillus as a preventative tool, starting the program before hair loss becomes severe, or you can use it after DHT has already begun to take hold of your hair and scalp.

Provillus can be the key to ending your battle with hair loss and the suffering that it causes you.

Click here to check it out risk free. Do it today – don’t wait!!!

Best hair growth remedies: The developement of hair loss.

The  Development Of Hair Loss – Common Causes.

There are many causes of hair loss.

Some are due to high fever, serious infections, major surgery, and in some cases emotional and physical stress.

Other causes of hair loss include thyroid disease, lack of protein in the diet, low iron, and prescription drugs given for blood thinners, acne, arthritis, and heart disease.

Hair loss can also occur in women who take contraceptives; as well as after giving birth. Possible causes of hair loss come from family genetics and hormonal patterns.In some cases adolescents experience hair loss from an illness or not eating properly.

Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss.

When hair follicles stop producing, hair loss occurs. Anyone can experience hair loss on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, and other parts of the body. If a man experiences hair loss it is not necessarily caused by genetics alone. It is however caused by the body not being able to produce new hair. The signs of male pattern baldness are a receding hairline, thinning around the crown, and bald spots elsewhere. Because of hereditary factors, men who produce high levels of testosterone are most likely to experience baldness.

In pregnant females, the normal shedding of some hair each day is put on hold. Within 3 months the hair starts shedding rapidly. For most teens hair loss is temporary. Thyroid disease, teen medications, and skin disease are a few causes of hair loss in teens.

When hair grows; it grows in cycles, but it eventually falls out. Even though most people shed 50 to 100 hairs a day, scalp hair grows at about 6 inches per year. Hair is made up of protein which is required to help produce normal hair. Illnesses like thyroid disease, kidney and liver diseases, cancer and lupus can cause hair loss. Medications like lithium, diet pills with amphetamines, and chemotherapy drugs are major causes of hair loss too.

Alopecia Areata is a skin disease that causes hair loss on the scalp and other places on the body.

Trichotilloomania, a disorder that results in pulling on the hair also causes hair loss.

People with eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia suffer hair loss. Chemically treated hair and hairstyles worn too tight damages the hair follicles; and that causes the hair to thin as well.

No matter what might be causing or contributing to your loss of hair; there are effective treatments that can help.

Click here now to try one totally risk-free!

Best Hair Growth Remedies – Curing hair loss today.

Curing Hair Loss

Curing Hair Loss: Hair Like Samson (before he met Delilah).

A multi-millionaire will be made one day – the day a scientific researcher finds a simple, inexpensive, universally successful hair re-growth product – and that day will come.

The amount of money being funneled into hair loss research is phenomenal, and as long as our society puts such great stock in appearance and beautiful heads of hair, the research will continue until that simple cure is found.

Until then, men and women must investigate and experiment with a variety of products which will have a variety of results, dependent upon the individual.

Each human body is unique, with unique levels of hormones, chemicals, and enzymes. For this reason, to date, there is not a universal cure. Some people experience reduction in hair loss and solid re-growth, while others using the same product may not see the same results.

For those who experience less than desired results from a variety of topicals, pills, herbs and hair products available, there are currently surgical “cures,” if they have the financial wherewithal to pursue them.

These involve a variety of transplant techniques and can be tedious and a bit painful. Such cures are available for both men and women.

Transplants:  In transplants, a hair strip is taken from a donor area of the scalp, usually the back, because pattern baldness in both men and women usually does not affect the back of the head. From these strips, individual follicles are extracted and then implanted into the bald area of the scalp. The “art” of this procedure is to get the follicle in so that the slant of the hair is correct for that part of the head. There are usually 1-5 hairs in each follicle, so you can imagine how many transplants have to occur if someone wants a full thick head of hair to replace a completely bald spot.

The average cost of transplant, per follicle is $4 – $6. The average cost of pattern baldness transplants is about $10,000.00 – a hefty bill for most of us.

For women who have overall balding events, the cost can be greater still.

If you do not have $10,000 to spend at the moment and you must wait until re-growth products improve, you may have to be content with less preferable but effective methods like using modern hair loss treatments.

There have been great advances in hair pieces for men, and wigs are as much a fashion accessory as jewelry for women. If you select this route, buy a good one and go to a professional who is widely experienced in developing unique hair pieces for individual needs. Generally, you get what you pay for. Fit and ability to have confidence that wind and lots of movement will not move your hair piece are extremely important.

While not the permanent cure you really want, the embarrassment of societal reaction to your baldness is eliminated.

Keep abreast of research in the area of hair loss cures. Scientists are close, and the answer could come any day.

In the meantime, do what makes you feel comfortable and confident, and use any product that helps you reduce the rate of your current hair loss. Stress and anxiety over this condition will only make it worse.

If you are ready to start slowing your hair loss and regaining what hair has been lost, you really need to follow the link below.

Click here now to see the best hair growth remedies available to you today.

Video info for the best hair growth remedies available.

Discover A Lasting Remedy For Your Thinning Hair – See This Now!!!

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