Radiation – It Aint What It Used To Be.

It appears that the dangers of radiation have been greatly over exaggerated for, well as long as we have been able to produce it at will.

The ongoing tragedy in Japan has proven that radioactive water 500 times more radioactive than previously considered safe; is not a threat in the least to the ocean or the sea life swimming in the ocean, at the point of entry into the ocean of that formerly “toxic” mix.

It is now even safe to consume the sea life that swins in said water.

Based upon facts unknown until this disaster struck, the Japanese authorities have even raised the threshold of “safe” levels of radiation.

Never let it be said that nothing good ever comes from something horrific on an unimaginable scale.

This disaster makes hurricane Katrina look like a late summer shower; and I was there in Katrina.

God help these folks.

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