My Shocking Find About Hair Growth Remedies!


I haven’t posted in quite a while; I’ve been really busy building a space ship that I intend to sell to NASA now that the shuttle fleet is done.

When I started that project, I seriously underestimated the number of discarded aluminum cans this was going to take. Consequently, I spending a lot of time dumpster diving to gather cans.

This is going to be one colorful space ship.

I have only stopped long enough to make this post because of an absolutely shocking revelation about effective hair growth remedies that I have just uncovered.

I’ve studied and tried many different hair growth remedies – minoxidil, rogaine, laser combs, learning Spanish; and many of the other conventionally accepted “effective” treatments.

I’ve tried using steel wool to “open up” the folicles; as many people claim to have had great success with that method; but I found in lacking – and painful.

But a week and a half ago; I think I truly found the answer to this age old problem that affects pretty much every male of every race; except for Hispanics; they are immune.

Maybe we need to look at creating an Hispanic extract that can be applied, injected or ingested and see if that will work? I already eat a lot of Mexican food – but back to my revelation.

A couple of weeks ago; I was going through my normal morning ritual of “getting ready for the day” – got out of bed; brushed my teeth; had a gin and tonic – and then shaved and took a shower.

Little did I know that my life was about to change forever; as will the lives of everyone else who is challenged to grow hair.

I stepped out and dried off; and this is when I had a sudden realization: I grabbed my underarm deodorant; raised my left arm; and suddenly it struck me, MY UNDERARMS ARE FULL OF HAIR!!!

I held up that Mitchum deodorant and looked at it in disbelief – I realized that I held in my hand the secret to curing hair loss.

Immediately; I applied Mitchum to my scalp; and I’ve been doing it several times a day since.

I carry some in my pocket and apply it whenever I have a chance; like when I’m waiting for my turn to speak in a meeting; or even while having a drink at the pub; even while driving.

I think it HAS to be working; because people seem to be taking notice; people who never even looked at me before are looking and smiling; sometimes even laughing; and people who have known me for years are certainly looking at me a little differently; shaking their heads in disbelief that I have made this great discovery instead of some famous rocket surgeon.

When I notice this, I just laugh hysterically and say, “Well, I’m not a rocket surgeon; but I AM building a space ship.”

I’ll report back when I have additional results.

I’ve been doing this daily for almost two weeks now; I can tell it’s working because I can clearly see that my hair is longer that when I started this new therapy.

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