Email And Hair Loss – The USPS Gets It’s Due

I Am The Che Of Emails!

 Che was a muderous bastard


I was aked the other day if all English people speak or sound alike. 

Can’t know – I haven’t heard ALL of them speak. 

And, I just can’t get past the fact that they all look alike. 

Parts of Canada are actually in France, some lawyers are politicians and in nature, you rarely see extremely rare creatures; which makes them very rare. 


I love a rare steak – just get it close to the coals for a couple of minutes on each side, and it is done. 

Got a new phone today; one of those “androids”. My phone is now officially smarter than me, and much of humankind. 

I now face the world armed with a PC, a laptop, an android, two digital cameras, a kindle and a web cam; as well as various pairs of shoes, pants and shirts. 

I’m sitting in my temporary “new place” and logging into this blog via my desktop PC sitting 160 miles away, using either my laptop or my phone. 

Aint technology grand? 

Yet a couple of hours ago, I put postage stamps on three letters, drove to the post office and mailed them. 

That crap can’t last much longer unless the gov’t somehow figures out to let all US email be routed through post office servers. 

Emails will be opened by crooked or nosy PO personnel, and any attachments of value will be stripped out or compromised, lazy PO personnel will just delete vast numbers of emails so that they won’t have to process them, email delivery will go from a matter of seconds to a matter of 3 to 5 working days for First Class emails, and 7 to 11 days for Standard Class emails, Bound Printed Matter and Parcel Post emails might take weeks to be delivered. 

You never know what you’re gonna get in terms of your email letter carrier either. 

Some days he\she might be in a good mood, smiling and joking around with you, petting your dog; as he\she walks down your street, putting emails into your email box. Other days, he\she might be pissed off because the significant other was caught after 3 years of screwing around with one of the other email letter carriers, as PO people do; and be mindlessly grumbling whilst planning a shooting spree back at the good old PO, putting your emails into the neighbors email box, and theirs into yours; and in some cases, driving carelessly through your neighborhood with their windows down; emails flying unoticed out the back window, blown by the wind for blocks; never to be delivered to the intended recipients; possibly picked up – along with the attachments – by people who gehen zu fuss; and maybe even misappropriated; or if sent to some Latin American countries, be gathered up to be used as digital toilet paper. 

Entire industries will spring up based upon recycling read, discarded or lost emails. 

Massive flash drives will be built to store these waste emails whilst enroute to the huge facilities the govt will build to ensure proper disposal of these waste emails. 

Superfunds will be created against the possibility that waste email containers could rupture before the passage of the 500 years after deletion or disposal deemed necessary to render waste emails safe, and not a threat to ground water or the environment in total. 

All of these facts, of course, mean that the cost of sending emails will double, triple or even quadruple, over current costs, even while the delvery rates, open rates and read rates plummet. 

I suggest that you contact your local officials, your State officials and your national representatives; and The Bureau of Indian Affairs; and express your concerns just as I have worded mine here. 

I’m sure you’ll get some consideration.

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