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There are many enduring mysteries and unanswered questions from the earliest times of history:

What happened to the Incas and Mayas?

What happened to the settlers at Jamestown?

Dolly Parton; Are those REAL!?

Today, I want to look at a local enigma – the remnants of a vanished civilization, a vanished civilization that did great works which are still evident today, proving that their technology and engineering capabilities were substantial; in some cases exceeding our own; and for some reason, at some point, as a culture and as a civilization; they simply vanished without a trace; much like the entire population of Mexico; but unlike the entire population of Mexico; they have not later turned up primarily in Arizona, California and Texas; and a few in Idaho.

These people were builders and engineers – we can still see some of the structures they left behind, we can still see the roads that they built between cities or settlements, and from these enduring clues; we can draw logical assumptions about who these people were, what their concerns and interests were; and even information about their physical stature and personal habits.

This post is less about hair growth remedies and more about the historical record, but do not think that this post is totally off topic, as hair has been with us throughout history, and we think that these ancestors or predecessors  probably had hair, or at least knew of its existance in some species.

From this point onward, this post will utilize the fossil record, existing artifacts and flawless logic to determine who these people were, and why they suddenly abandoned a highly developed world, society and culture.

We will also employ photographic eveidence that not only will support; but prove; our logical conclusions.

Conclusion One:
These people were of small physical stature.
We know this because the roads that they built – some of which are still in use for pedestrian traffic – are much too narrow to accomodate our modern “economy size” vehicles, meaning that if they built this road as a “four lane” road, as it is reasonable to assume, then for four cars to occupy that road concurrently, those cars could be no more than about six inches wide.

This mandates that our mystery race was of small physical stature, or that they pioneered the concept of the “Clown Car” wherein many, many large people cram themselves into small, funny looking cars for humorous effect when disembarking.

The seriousness of their other works suggest that this was not the case.

Another plausible explantion is that in their cars, they did not sit; they stood – meaning that their cars would be less wide but more long.

There is evidence to indicate that that might have been the case, but it is hard to prove.

I will call this picture the “Alien Highway”; but we don’t know if they were aliens.

They were builders no doubt – every where you look there are structures, and even massive openings that must lead to huge underground shelters where they took refuge in times of threat or trouble.


What are these strange structures which still stand, and which were critical to the survival of our missing civilization; as evidenced by their apparent need to reproduce them?

The most plausible theory that I have encountered, and which is supported by the known, true facts of the pre-history of this region as detailed by all of the history reports; is that this region was for centuries under water, therefore, obviously; this race of people were aquatic in nature; they did these great works while underwater; but they must have been burning water as fuel (extracting the hydrogen, as their scientists would); and as they burned water for fuel, they also depleted the source of their breathing.

After a few years, they took their great minds and went on.

That just makes sense.




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