My Shocking Find About Hair Growth Remedies!


I haven’t posted in quite a while; I’ve been really busy building a space ship that I intend to sell to NASA now that the shuttle fleet is done.

When I started that project, I seriously underestimated the number of discarded aluminum cans this was going to take. Consequently, I spending a lot of time dumpster diving to gather cans.

This is going to be one colorful space ship.

I have only stopped long enough to make this post because of an absolutely shocking revelation about effective hair growth remedies that I have just uncovered.

I’ve studied and tried many different hair growth remedies – minoxidil, rogaine, laser combs, learning Spanish; and many of the other conventionally accepted “effective” treatments.

I’ve tried using steel wool to “open up” the folicles; as many people claim to have had great success with that method; but I found in lacking – and painful.

But a week and a half ago; I think I truly found the answer to this age old problem that affects pretty much every male of every race; except for Hispanics; they are immune.

Maybe we need to look at creating an Hispanic extract that can be applied, injected or ingested and see if that will work? I already eat a lot of Mexican food – but back to my revelation.

A couple of weeks ago; I was going through my normal morning ritual of “getting ready for the day” – got out of bed; brushed my teeth; had a gin and tonic – and then shaved and took a shower.

Little did I know that my life was about to change forever; as will the lives of everyone else who is challenged to grow hair.

I stepped out and dried off; and this is when I had a sudden realization: I grabbed my underarm deodorant; raised my left arm; and suddenly it struck me, MY UNDERARMS ARE FULL OF HAIR!!!

I held up that Mitchum deodorant and looked at it in disbelief – I realized that I held in my hand the secret to curing hair loss.

Immediately; I applied Mitchum to my scalp; and I’ve been doing it several times a day since.

I carry some in my pocket and apply it whenever I have a chance; like when I’m waiting for my turn to speak in a meeting; or even while having a drink at the pub; even while driving.

I think it HAS to be working; because people seem to be taking notice; people who never even looked at me before are looking and smiling; sometimes even laughing; and people who have known me for years are certainly looking at me a little differently; shaking their heads in disbelief that I have made this great discovery instead of some famous rocket surgeon.

When I notice this, I just laugh hysterically and say, “Well, I’m not a rocket surgeon; but I AM building a space ship.”

I’ll report back when I have additional results.

I’ve been doing this daily for almost two weeks now; I can tell it’s working because I can clearly see that my hair is longer that when I started this new therapy.

Best Hair Growth Remedies – The Solution To Hair Loss.

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 Not long ago there wasn’t really much that could be done to stop hair loss, especially when it was as a result of male pattern baldness.

But now; due to advances in science; and a better understanding of what causes hair loss – it is possible to not only stop hair loss – but to reverse it – and regain a healthy head of hair.

Your hair loss is not going to stop all by itself – you have to take action.

Take action today and you will start to see results in as little as two – five weeks – guaranteed!

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Best Hair Growth Remedies – The Icons of Flowood.

There are many enduring mysteries and unanswered questions from the earliest times of history:

What happened to the Incas and Mayas?

What happened to the settlers at Jamestown?

Dolly Parton; Are those REAL!?

Today, I want to look at a local enigma – the remnants of a vanished civilization, a vanished civilization that did great works which are still evident today, proving that their technology and engineering capabilities were substantial; in some cases exceeding our own; and for some reason, at some point, as a culture and as a civilization; they simply vanished without a trace; much like the entire population of Mexico; but unlike the entire population of Mexico; they have not later turned up primarily in Arizona, California and Texas; and a few in Idaho.

These people were builders and engineers – we can still see some of the structures they left behind, we can still see the roads that they built between cities or settlements, and from these enduring clues; we can draw logical assumptions about who these people were, what their concerns and interests were; and even information about their physical stature and personal habits.

This post is less about hair growth remedies and more about the historical record, but do not think that this post is totally off topic, as hair has been with us throughout history, and we think that these ancestors or predecessors  probably had hair, or at least knew of its existance in some species.

From this point onward, this post will utilize the fossil record, existing artifacts and flawless logic to determine who these people were, and why they suddenly abandoned a highly developed world, society and culture.

We will also employ photographic eveidence that not only will support; but prove; our logical conclusions.

Conclusion One:
These people were of small physical stature.
We know this because the roads that they built – some of which are still in use for pedestrian traffic – are much too narrow to accomodate our modern “economy size” vehicles, meaning that if they built this road as a “four lane” road, as it is reasonable to assume, then for four cars to occupy that road concurrently, those cars could be no more than about six inches wide.

This mandates that our mystery race was of small physical stature, or that they pioneered the concept of the “Clown Car” wherein many, many large people cram themselves into small, funny looking cars for humorous effect when disembarking.

The seriousness of their other works suggest that this was not the case.

Another plausible explantion is that in their cars, they did not sit; they stood – meaning that their cars would be less wide but more long.

There is evidence to indicate that that might have been the case, but it is hard to prove.

I will call this picture the “Alien Highway”; but we don’t know if they were aliens.

They were builders no doubt – every where you look there are structures, and even massive openings that must lead to huge underground shelters where they took refuge in times of threat or trouble.


What are these strange structures which still stand, and which were critical to the survival of our missing civilization; as evidenced by their apparent need to reproduce them?

The most plausible theory that I have encountered, and which is supported by the known, true facts of the pre-history of this region as detailed by all of the history reports; is that this region was for centuries under water, therefore, obviously; this race of people were aquatic in nature; they did these great works while underwater; but they must have been burning water as fuel (extracting the hydrogen, as their scientists would); and as they burned water for fuel, they also depleted the source of their breathing.

After a few years, they took their great minds and went on.

That just makes sense.




Email And Hair Loss – The USPS Gets It’s Due

I Am The Che Of Emails!

 Che was a muderous bastard


I was aked the other day if all English people speak or sound alike. 

Can’t know – I haven’t heard ALL of them speak. 

And, I just can’t get past the fact that they all look alike. 

Parts of Canada are actually in France, some lawyers are politicians and in nature, you rarely see extremely rare creatures; which makes them very rare. 


I love a rare steak – just get it close to the coals for a couple of minutes on each side, and it is done. 

Got a new phone today; one of those “androids”. My phone is now officially smarter than me, and much of humankind. 

I now face the world armed with a PC, a laptop, an android, two digital cameras, a kindle and a web cam; as well as various pairs of shoes, pants and shirts. 

I’m sitting in my temporary “new place” and logging into this blog via my desktop PC sitting 160 miles away, using either my laptop or my phone. 

Aint technology grand? 

Yet a couple of hours ago, I put postage stamps on three letters, drove to the post office and mailed them. 

That crap can’t last much longer unless the gov’t somehow figures out to let all US email be routed through post office servers. 

Emails will be opened by crooked or nosy PO personnel, and any attachments of value will be stripped out or compromised, lazy PO personnel will just delete vast numbers of emails so that they won’t have to process them, email delivery will go from a matter of seconds to a matter of 3 to 5 working days for First Class emails, and 7 to 11 days for Standard Class emails, Bound Printed Matter and Parcel Post emails might take weeks to be delivered. 

You never know what you’re gonna get in terms of your email letter carrier either. 

Some days he\she might be in a good mood, smiling and joking around with you, petting your dog; as he\she walks down your street, putting emails into your email box. Other days, he\she might be pissed off because the significant other was caught after 3 years of screwing around with one of the other email letter carriers, as PO people do; and be mindlessly grumbling whilst planning a shooting spree back at the good old PO, putting your emails into the neighbors email box, and theirs into yours; and in some cases, driving carelessly through your neighborhood with their windows down; emails flying unoticed out the back window, blown by the wind for blocks; never to be delivered to the intended recipients; possibly picked up – along with the attachments – by people who gehen zu fuss; and maybe even misappropriated; or if sent to some Latin American countries, be gathered up to be used as digital toilet paper. 

Entire industries will spring up based upon recycling read, discarded or lost emails. 

Massive flash drives will be built to store these waste emails whilst enroute to the huge facilities the govt will build to ensure proper disposal of these waste emails. 

Superfunds will be created against the possibility that waste email containers could rupture before the passage of the 500 years after deletion or disposal deemed necessary to render waste emails safe, and not a threat to ground water or the environment in total. 

All of these facts, of course, mean that the cost of sending emails will double, triple or even quadruple, over current costs, even while the delvery rates, open rates and read rates plummet. 

I suggest that you contact your local officials, your State officials and your national representatives; and The Bureau of Indian Affairs; and express your concerns just as I have worded mine here. 

I’m sure you’ll get some consideration.

Radiation – It Aint What It Used To Be.

It appears that the dangers of radiation have been greatly over exaggerated for, well as long as we have been able to produce it at will.

The ongoing tragedy in Japan has proven that radioactive water 500 times more radioactive than previously considered safe; is not a threat in the least to the ocean or the sea life swimming in the ocean, at the point of entry into the ocean of that formerly “toxic” mix.

It is now even safe to consume the sea life that swins in said water.

Based upon facts unknown until this disaster struck, the Japanese authorities have even raised the threshold of “safe” levels of radiation.

Never let it be said that nothing good ever comes from something horrific on an unimaginable scale.

This disaster makes hurricane Katrina look like a late summer shower; and I was there in Katrina.

God help these folks.

Best Hair Growth Remedies – The Vanishing of Ethical Hair.

It wasn’t too long ago, just a few lifetimes, when finding ethical hair was just as easy as finding a dishonest politician. One might even say that there was a preponderance of ethical hair, but if one should say that, they would be guilty of trying to use big, fancy words with lots of letters,  instead of smaller words that conserve letters and convey almost as much meaning.

With an alphabet that contains barely two dozen characters, it is important to conserve as many letters as possible while new letters are being developed, as anyone might understand.

There is some debate and discussion as to why the preponderance of ethical hair is diminishing, while at the same time the over abundance of dishonest politicians becomes even more over abundant, and it appears that in the case of the politicians it is due to the massive swelling of “government”, while in the case of hair, it is now obvious that it began with the “mullet”.

As evidence of this; I need only to offer some type of compelling evidence.

With that point now proven, we will turn our attention back to undivided.

Hair, in it’s many forms, can no longer be taken for granted; it can no longer be trusted and given the run of the place as in the past, it must be assumed that most hair may have intentions that are not obvious, not transparent; and the thicker the hair; the less transparent the intentions.

Hair, in fact, in order to be safe; should be treated like a red-headed step child.

It should be photographed and finger printed. It should be documented and undocumented. It must be held accountable at all costs and in every season.

This is especially true of suspected illegal hair that doesn’t display it’s nationality and origin.

If these facts disturb you, you are taking things way too seriously, as well you should.

I encourage you to write, telephone, fax and email your questions and concerns to the Bureau of Indian Affairs at:

Mailing Address:
Office of Public Affairs
Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20240

Telephone: (202) 208-3710
Telefax: (202) 501-1516

Best Hair Growth Remedies – DIY Baldness Cures You Never Heard Of

Everywhere you turn these days, people are talking about all of the new baldness cures that are the market today. What a lot of people don’t know, and what some people don’t want you to know, is that most types of baldness came be cured with simple household products that you probably have in your kitchen cabinets, in your compost pile and in that metal cabinet where you keep dangerous chemicals locked up so that the neighborhood kids don’t fool around and get you arrested by getting themselves killed or blinded.

Truthfully, there is nothing wrong with some of the commercially available baldness treatments (click here to visit my store) but why not make use of the stuff you already have rather than buying more stuff, even if it does cause the local Greenpeace people to report you to the EPA, the IRS, the CPA, the BBC, NBC, or worse yet, Ben and Jerry’s.

There are many different but equally effective do it yourself baldness treatments that you can whip up from the comfort of your own kitchen or bathroom, although it is usually best with most of these to do it outside on a day that is slightly overcast, with a brisk wind blowing, so as to disperse the fumes and lessen somewhat, the probability of an explosion.

In this article, I will focus upon only one of these diy baldness cures, with others discussed in following write ups.

Firstly, you will need to make the preparations, and then assemble the necessary ingredients:

  • Secure a “burn permit” if your local government requires one.
  • Post a public notice of your intentions in your local newspaper and notify radio, TV stations, or other media sources such a mediums and apothecaries.
  • Fast and pray fervently for thirty days.
  • Get a checkup from your doctor, paying extra attention to cardiac health.
  • Denounce Satan and all of His works.
  • Just in case, make a deal with Satan and all of His works. Let’s be politically minded about this.

Now, you are ready to begin assembling the necessary ingredients, which if you are like me, you already have most of these items around the house:

  • 1 pound of Spectracide ant poison granules.
  • 1 ounce of Liquid Smoke.
  • 14 ounces of plaster of paris (or 10 ounces of Quickcrete).
  • 1 quart of DOT2 brake fluid.
  • 2 teaspoons of black, white yellow pepper.
  • 1\2 pound of smokeless gunpowder.
  • 4 ounces of Nivea skin care cream.
  • 2 tablespoons of French Market coffee (NO chickory!).
  • 1 gallon of diesel fuel.
  • 1 quart of Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing.
  • 1 pound of centipede grass seed (do not skip this step).
  • 1 pound of Kraft Vegemite.
  • And lastly, carefully shred 16 one-dollar bills, or 3 fives and a one, or a ten, a five and a one. If not from the US, check your currency exchange rates, try to use paper currency, or silver (gold will not work!).

Using a large mixing bowl shaped exactly like your head, add all of the above items and stir violently until smoke begins to rise, and the entire mixture begins to glow and hiss evil curses (about two days).

Be careful not to taunt or “make angry” the mixture during this stage.

Using a “Jump Start” battery or some other type of high amperage electrical discharge device, apply 1200 volts for six seconds, then run like hell, as if your life depended on it; as it does.

From a safe distance, watch as the mixture takes on the form of Satan; or some other popular politician, which will then accept cash money in return for empty promises, whilst figuring out ways to seduce young pages, whilst denouncing politicians who seduce young pages, and those who deliver empty promises for cash money.

There you have it.

Tomorrow, we will discuss another highly effective, but somewhat risky, diy baldness treatment.

Thanks for reading.

Best Hair Growth Remedies – On Topic For A Change

If you notice, there is a link near the top right of the page that says; Visit The Hair Restoration Store.

This link will take you off site to an online store where you can look over all sorts of hair restoration products- pretty much everything you can imagine.

I have all of the best treatments and products for stopping and reversing hair loss available; but if you are interested in a particular product and don’t see it, just drop me a note at:

Send me an e-mail and I will try to find it for you.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit this site, and I hope you’ll stop by The Hair Restoration Store as well.

Best Hair Growth Remedies – The Vagabond Hair

Darkness was approaching quickly, bearing down upon us like a locomotive, wheezing and huffing, huffing and wheezing, occasionally coughing; yet drawing ever closer by the hour.

“It will be dark soon”, my associate remarked. “Bloody genius”, I thought out loud; drawing laughter from the unwashed masses and a wry smile from the idiot who was my associate.

In the next county, a gentle, wet rain fell uncharacteristically downward; as it does in that county; adding it’s ingredients to a large, rolling water-filled lake.

Upon the lake, fishermen with and without boats were engaging in the business of fishing, on or in the lake. There has been great debate through the years as to which method – on or in the lake – is most fruitful, but it is agreed that either practice will produce more fish than fruit, except in the cooler months, when the fish; full to the brim with fruit; decline the offerings of the men on or in the lake, and take their leave for a time, maybe visiting relatives or maybe traveling to the neighboring counties or maybe bartering fish for Euro passes and getting around by rail, except for those who can afford to fly, and except for those who prefer to go by foot.

Like vagabonds, we wander, hair lines receding like the distant hot and shiny sun sinking beneath the horizon, swallowed by the expanding darkness.